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A man in his 60s attacks a woman`s lover in a jeolous rage

A man in his 60s attacks a woman`s lover in a jeolous rage

Posted May. 11, 2013 02:04,   


A 64-year-old man who was a band master at a karaoke in southern Seoul had a crush on a 27-year-old woman he met there three years ago. He called her "dear queen" and "pretty girl" and contacted her every day through smartphone messenger KakaoTalk. Since the woman felt a father`s warmness from him, she didn`t treat him coldly.

Under suspicion that she made a boyfriend, the man went to her home on the evening of April 11 to see if it was true. There he saw her get off a man`s car and go into her house together. His heart sank.

On April 24 around 7 a.m., he felt anger while drinking alcohol at his home. He hid a 12-centimeter climbing knife inside his jacket and went into the woman`s house and swung around the knife toward the man`s face. The younger man tried to avoid but the knife cut his left ear. The old man continued to swing the knife on his face, and as the younger man fell he stabbed his neck and breast a number of times. The victim was wounded that needed around eight weeks of treatment.

When police arrived, the woman was holding the bleeding boyfriend and was crying. The older man was arrested there. The Supreme Prosecutors` Office arrested and charged him for attempted murder.