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Fast warm-up of electric blankets can raise radioactivity risk

Fast warm-up of electric blankets can raise radioactivity risk

Posted December. 24, 2012 08:43,   


An electric blanket is a popular item in Korea in winter, warming up faster than ondol, or a boiler heating the floor. But the faster the device warms up, the more electromagnetic waves are emitted.

A study on electric blankets by seven manufacturers has found that the device emit electromagnetic waves of an average of 21.4 mG, according to the National Institute of Environmental Research under the Environment Ministry on Sunday.

If the temperature is set at high, electromagnetic waves ranging from 0.7 to 71.1 mG, or an average of 28.8 mG, were emitted and medium results in 0.7 to 65.2 mG, or an average of 23.1 mG. When the temperature is set at low, 0.7 to 23.3 mG, or an average of 12.3 mG, were emitted.

In particular, if a user tried to heat up an electric blanket faster by using features such as “power” or “fast,” the blanket emitted up to three times more electromagnetic waves. A blanket that received an electromagnetic environment certificate that requires emissions of below 2 mG was found to emit less than the other products.

In 2002, the International Agency for Research on Cancer under the World Health Organization warned that if a child is exposed to electromagnetic waves at the level of 3 or 4 mG continuously for more than 10 years, the risk of pediatric leukemia increases 200 percent.

Those who want to check products that earned the electromagnetic environment certificate can check on the website of Korea Testing Certification (www.ktc.re.kr) and click “Test & Safety Certification.”