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Woman Follows Mother in Double Suicide

Posted July. 13, 2010 12:43,   


A woman jumped to her death from an apartment building in Seoul just hours after her mother did so, police said Monday.

A 50-something housewife suffering from depression killed herself by jumping off her apartment building. Her daughter, who had a brain lesion, followed suit after learning of her mother’s death.

Police in Seoul’s Dobong district said the apartment building’s janitor found the housewife’s corpse on the flower garden after she had apparently jumped from the eighth floor. He made a police report at 5:30 p.m.

Her 29-year-old daughter, who heard the news from her father, was found dead also on the garden three hours after her mother’s death.

Police said the mother was apparently driven to suicide because of extreme stress in caring for her disabled daughter, and left a suicide note apologizing to her family.

“When I heard a thud while investigating the site where the housewife died, the daughter was on the ground,” a police source said. “It seems she was shocked at the sight of her mother’s corpse and did the same through her window.”

The daughter had failed to get a job after graduating from college and took medication, police said. She had been diagnosed with a brain lesion three years ago and had attempted suicide a couple of times.

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