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8 Winners Chosen in Makgeolli Glass Competition

Posted April. 13, 2010 23:06,   


The Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries yesterday said it selected eight winners in the Standard Makgeolli (milky Korean rice wine) Glass Design Competition held last month.

In the competition, 234 real-size makgeolli glasses and 305 makgeolli design drawings were submitted. The judging panel comprising 10 experts in the makgeolli, brewery and restaurant industries and design and ceramics selected the eight candidates based on the traditional and functional aspects of their glasses.

The winners in the real-size glass category were “Cream Glass” by Ryu Hee-do; “Moon” by Jeong Jong-hwan and Jeong Hyun-ji; “Newlywed Wife’s Glass” by Yoo Hae-joo; and “Yeast Ceramics” by Cho Young-bok.

Those so honored in the design drawing category were “A Combination of East and West” by Choi Gyu-young; “Ulibuli” by Seo Dong-hoon; “Flower and Alcohol” by Park Hyun-jin; and “Howolbae” by Park Young-dong and Park Wan-soo.

The winners were selected based on the practicality and universality of the glasses. Each winner in the real-size glass category got three million won (2,670 U.S. dollars) and those in the design drawing category received one million won (890 dollars) each.

The ministry said it will develop 16 types of makgeolli glasses, including eight based on the winning models and another eight by forming a makgeolli glass model consisting of design, craft and marketing experts. The 16 will be used freely after patent registration.

“We expect that the development of makgeolli glasses will promote the consumption of makgeolli and contribute to creating a healthy drinking culture by using a suitable glass,” a ministry source said.