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Pres. Lee Mulls Stronger Control Measures for Dokdo

Posted April. 03, 2010 08:34,   


President Lee Myung-bak yesterday said he will proactively review measures to strengthen the country’s effective control over Dokdo in the wake of Japan’s latest sovereignty claim over the islets.

The Japanese government has approved elementary school textbooks containing sovereignty claims over Dokdo.

Ruling Grand National Party spokesman Chung Mi-kyung said President Lee made the comment when party chairman Chung Mong-joon said, “We need to find measures to strengthen the country’s effective control over Dokdo” at a presidential office luncheon yesterday.

On the sinking of the naval patrol ship Cheonan, the president said, “We shouldn’t jump to conclusions or guess before the cause and truth behind the case are known. As of now, it is important to save the missing sailors, thoroughly and scientifically investigate and unveil the truth, and pay respects to the victims.”

“Considering that North Korea and the international community are closely watching our moves, we should investigate the cause in a calm manner. We also need to take the incident as a chance to strengthen South Korea’s capabilities. Since the incident is a national disaster, all political parties should closely cooperate. We need to work together.”

President Lee also mentioned senior naval diver Han Joo-ho, who died while conducting underwater rescue operations to search for missing sailors, saying, “An unfortunate incident happened since he worked too hard. It is very heartbreaking.”

The president also said he will sincerely consider ruling party chairman Chung’s request to hire more assistants in charge of security affairs.