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Chinese Play Satirizes Plastic Surgery in Korea

Posted February. 16, 2010 09:01,   


China’s state-run network CCTV aired over the weekend a short play about getting plastic surgery in Korea.

A TV program ran the play Saturday, the eve of the Lunar New Year, the most celebrated holiday in the country.

“Plastic Surgery: The Embarrassment of Beauty” was about a 40-something man who puts a picture of his wife on a wall of the stage, saying this was his wife before she got plastic surgery. He then sarcastically says her appearance warded off thieves and improved his home life, adding she went to Korea to have plastic surgery.

Then, a woman who looks mid-30s or early 40s shows up on stage and says, “Annyeonghaseyo (hello in Korean)” three times. She is the man’s wife but he does not recognize her.

After she tells him things only he and she could know, he confirms that she is his wife. Appearing later in the play is her mother, who also does not recognize her daughter.

The husband apparently does not care about the money his wife spent on plastic surgery in Korea and seems satisfied with the procedure, saying, “Now I can proudly meet my friends.”

Lasting 12 minutes 40 seconds, the play gives the impression that Korea equals plastic surgery and presents a contrast between the woman who claims she underwent the procedure in Korea and the picture on the wall.

The play’s director Jin Wei told the Chinese web portal Sina, “All programs on the show reflect major social phenomena. Today, many women believe they cannot be beautiful without nipping and tucking. We wanted to make fun of the indiscriminate pursuit of plastic surgery.”