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Volvik Getting Aggressive in Domestic Golf Market

Posted October. 21, 2009 08:52,   


Korea might have world-class golfers, but its golf equipment market remains in its infancy.

Korean golf equipment is considered inferior to those of large American and Japanese makers, but Koreans also prefer foreign golf equipment. Thus, Korean manufacturers have long been neglected despite their excellent skills.

Volvik is trying to change that with an aggressive marketing strategy.

To celebrate the launch of its high quality four-piece golf ball “VISTA iv” (photo), Volvik has offered 300 million won (260,000 dollars) in bonuses for the KLPGA KB Star Tour Grand Final at Incheon Sky 72GC starting Thursday.

If a golfer who uses this ball over four days of competition wins, she will receive an additional 100 million won (90,000 dollars) in bonuses. Those who ranked second to 10th will each get five million won (4,200 dollars), 11th to 30th three million won (2,570 dollars), 31st to 50th two million won (1,700 dollars), and 51st to 60th one million won (860 dollars).

Competitors who use the ball will get 500,000 won (428 dollars) and two dozen balls worth 144,000 won (123.3 dollars).

So if a Volvik user wins the championship, she will earn a combined bonus of 200.5 million won (171,808 dollars).

Volvik President Moon Gyeong-an said, “We’ve worked hard to improve the quality of foreign balls. This event is a reflection of confidence that we can provide the best balls for professional golfers.”

Moon, a former Yongin Shinwon CC Club champion with a three handicap, said, “We mainly invested in developing golf balls that are as good as foreign balls in distance, direction, and spin over the past three years and reaped the results.”

According to C&PS, an official agency that collects records of Korean pro golf tours, just one percent of pros use domestic balls because the ball has a tremendous impact on performance and many golfers have signed contracts with foreign makers.

This event could change the perception of Korean golf balls, however.