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Dong-A Charity Drive Helps Promising Tennis Player

Posted April. 09, 2009 08:14,   


Madanghoe, a group of former members of the national tennis team, said yesterday that it will offer a scholarship to promising player Park So-ran, 17. Park was introduced through the Dong-A Ilbo’s “Letter of Hope” campaign.

Madanghoe member Lee Deok-hee said, “We were touched by Park’s courage and determination to succeed as a tennis player. We discussed how to help her and agreed to offer a scholarship.”

Lee was Korea’s first professional tennis player, defeating a French Open winner in the 1982 U.S. Open to make the final 16. After retirement, she opened a golf club in Los Angeles and began hosting an international junior tennis championship in 2001 at her own expense.

Lee also said she will help Park compete in the championships Monday by allotting her a wildcard spot. The championships are the largest and oldest junior tennis tournament in Korea.

Park said, “I`m really happy to receive help I never imagined I`d get. Participating in the championship has been my dream. I will return this help by doing my best in the game.”

The first "Letter of Hope" run Wednesday last week also spurred others to help prospective cook Choi Jong-uk. A member of a children’s fund supporting Cho said, “Many people and organizations, including the Daegu Community Chest, delivered their intentions to help Choi.”