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Skating Star Kim to Face Rival Asada in Canada

Posted February. 05, 2009 08:30,   


Figure skating sensation Kim Yu-na will face Asada Mao of Japan today in the Four Continent Figure Skating Championship in Vancouver, Canada.

Kim and Asada have been considered rivals since they competed in the junior circuit. Both age 19, they have grown up in competition with each other as well.

They have taken turns in winning world championships and are poised to face off again this month a year ahead of the Winter Olympics.

○ Unique Performance

Kim and Asada will compete in Vancouver, which will host next year’s Winter Olympics. The two must develop programs to prepare themselves for next season and adapt themselves to the ice there.

They have been neck-and-neck in competitions since they were junior skaters. Both moved up to the senior level in the 2006-07 season, and have continued to compete to grab the title of the world’s best.

Kim’s only weakness is her triple loop. How well she will perform this move is again a challenge for her in this championship.

Kim performed two triple loops immaculately out of her three trials in yesterday’s official training session.

She got new boots and blades for this event. The length of the Pacific Coliseum’s indoor ice rink, the venue of the championship, is four meters shorter than the size of a standard ice rink. Due to a difference in the quality of the ice, the timing of her jumps has also changed.

Also competing in Vancouver are female skaters Kim Na-young and Kim Hyun-jung and male skater Kim Min-seok.