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[Editorial] United Democrats Threaten DA’s Office with Independent Counsel Option

[Editorial] United Democrats Threaten DA’s Office with Independent Counsel Option

Posted December. 03, 2007 03:30,   


The United New Democratic Party (UNDP) will introduce a bill today to appoint an independent counsel to look into the stock price manipulation case known now as just the “BBK scandal” in which Grand National Party (GNP) presidential candidate Lee Myung-bak was allegedly involved.

UNDP congressman Yun Ho-jung told reporters yesterday, “We are introducing this bill to ensure that prosecution can pursue justice without any outside pressure or political consideration.” It is South Koreans who really doubt his party’s integrity and motivation. Their partisan greed disgraces the nation.

Every Korean knows that the party has long expected the DA’s probe to sink GNP candidate Lee deep down into the political sea. Now things are unfolding to the UNDP’s dismay. To threaten the DA’s probe, the party is now employing coercion tactics. Yun did not even hide his intent. He threatened the prosecution, saying, “If the DA’s office indicts only Kim or fails to come up with fair and true outcome, it is as good as shaking the justice system to its roots.”

The UNDP is seemingly aiming at not just the presidential election, but also the upcoming general election next year. Should the GNP win its presidential bid, the UNDP will lose ground and may face a breakup of the party itself. That is why they are pressing the BBK scandal. Political analysts and commentators believe that, motivated by partisan interests, the UNDP intends to annihilate the DA’s investigation and bog the next administration into a political turmoil to tip the balance for the party next year.

The latest “independent counsel threat” would have been unthinkable if UNDP members had been at all concerned about the hardships faced by citizens. The party, hand in hand with the Roh administration, has ruined the national economy for the past five years, causing great hardship. The hardships we have incurred do not seem satisfactory enough for them. Now they are trying to shackle the next administration.

Aware of the dark partisan intent, the Democratic Labor Party, which sided with the UNDP in the passage of another independent counsel bill to investigate the Samsung slush fund scandal, did not show its support this time. The labor party commented, “We deem the BBK bill as motivated by partisan interests. It’s more for winning the [presidential] election than for finding the truth .”

We stand by our prosecutors and their honest work. The prosecution should play by the rule of law and evidence only. We expect it to come up with fair and thorough results.