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Kim Yu-na’s Jumping Ability Versus Asada’s Spins

Posted November. 15, 2007 03:58,   


This season’s Women’s figure skating singles competitions have set the stage for Kim Yu-na (Korea, Suri High School) and Asada Mao (Japan, Chukyo University) for yet another face off. Both 17, and both long-time friends and rivals, they meet again at another world-class competition.

After their 3rd round of competition in the Figure Skating Senior Grand Prix, Kim Yu-na won with 180.68 points compared to Asada’s 177.66. Most experts agree that fans will get to see the two going head to head in next year’s competitions as well.

What can we expect from this duo next? Experts complimented Kim Yu-na for her solid and stable performance, while they pointed to Asada’s flashy showmanship as her standout trait.

Textbook Jumps-

The new assessment standards for this season were welcome news for Kim Yu-na, whose main asset is her picture-perfect jumping ability. While other skaters were concerned about getting points deducted for their jumps, Kim Yu-na gained extra points with ease.

By successfully executing triple jumps during her performance, she proved that she has raised her game to another level.

In contrast, Asada got points deducted for her flawed execution of a triple jump during her recent performances. With her confidence bruised, she was unable to perform her trademark triple axle in any of her performances.

Solid and graceful performance versus dynamic and flashy showmanship-

Kim Yu-na delivered a well choreographed and perfectly executed performance to the theme song of Miss Saigon, but many felt Asada’s powerful performance, full of finesse moves, including steps and spins delivered to the music, had the judges and the audience jumping from their seats.

Korea Skating Union’s judging panel member Lee Ji-hee said, “Asada’s fantastic steps and the way she was able to deliver big and clear movements using her head, arms, and back left a lasting impression.”

She gained points for her steps and spins in the free skating competition.

Kim Yu-na gained fewer points for similar spins.

But it’s still too early to celebrate for both skaters. SBS sportscaster Bang Sang-ah said, “The most crucial element in figure skating performance is the jump. So Kim Yu-na is at a critical point in her career.” But Lee Ji-hee rebutted this by saying, “It’s not easy to get more points with her spins and steps the way they are. There’s still more performances to come, so we’ll see.”