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N.Korea Delays Six-Party Talks

Posted September. 18, 2007 03:17,   


The second round of six-party talks slated to be held in Beijing on September 19 has been delayed due to the opposition of North Korea.

China, the host country of the talks, officially announced the news on September 17, saying, “The six-party talks cannot be held on September 19. The six participants shall discuss plans for the next round.” North Korea allegedly opposed the date of the meeting suggested by China, saying, “We cannot make it.”

Experts say North Korea expressed its discontentment with news reports by major media outlets of the U.S. that had raised suspicions of Pyongyang recently having transferred nuclear materials or equipment to Syria.

Some analysts say North Korea delayed the talks in response to the delay of 50,000 tons of heavy oil that was supposed to be provided by China. China sent the first shipment of the heavy oil in late July and early August, but it delayed further deliveries due to technical problems, such as flooding and bad weather in North Korea.

Song Min-soon, South Korea’s foreign minister, said at the inauguration conference of the UN Global Compact network in Korea held at The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, “We are not in a position to talk about the transfer of nuclear materials to Syria with suspicion.”

It is highly likely that the next round of the six-party talks will be held on September 21 or 25, considering the flight schedules between Pyongyang and Beijing.