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Terror of the Tracking Device

Posted June. 20, 2007 04:01,   


Trying to prevent such occurrences like child kidnapping and automobile theft, a popular answer has been the tracking device. It enables owners to trace the routes of these assailants, which has definitely added a measure of pressure on would-be criminals.

From Keeping an Eye on Infidelity to Coercing Those in Debt-

According to a private investigation service, “Detective,” tracking devices are currently used in surveillance by everyone from companies who want to keep track of their employees with classified company file access, to married couples on each other, and financiers.

Since July of last year, this service has received over 20 to 30 tracking requests per month. Forty percent are petitioned.

The majority of the requests for location tracking devices are for suspected spousal infidelity.

Seo Jin-ho from this private investigation service states, “About two-thirds of the tracking device clients ask for a ‘counter-tracking device.’ They believe their spouse has put one on them and want to see if their spouse is tracking them.”

When the private agency is asked to track debtors, in a sense those who are not related, they usually hire another service to place the tracking device under the debtor’s car for them. In the case of a spouse, the tracking device will most likely be placed inside the automobile, inside the speaker on the passenger side, and wired directly to the car’s battery.

Seo said, “For clients who are unrelated, the [tracking] device is placed on the outside of the car, for a client with a family member in mind, the device is placed on the inside.”

No Set Regulations, No Set Punishment-

The tracking devices are being used in a wide variety of ways, but there is no current set of rules to regulate the usage.

There is no way to determine who is purchasing them because there are no serial numbers, so it comes as no surprise that the purpose cannot be determined either.

Even if there is a tracking device found on a vehicle, it is not enough to warrant an investigation from the police. There is just not enough information for the investigation to proceed.

An unidentified police officer stated, “It is difficult to find out who installed the device and finding the device is simply not detrimental enough to prove assault or threat.”