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Student at Prestigious University Pays for Military Exemption

Student at Prestigious University Pays for Military Exemption

Posted June. 01, 2007 03:21,   


The 6th Criminal Department of the Seoul Eastern Prosecutors` Office, led by Kim Hoi-jae, has applied for advance warrants of arrest for Mr. Kwon (26, a senior at S University college of engineering) and Mr. Jeong (27, former president of company “I”). Kwon is being charged with bribing Jeong for employment in a special military service company.

Kwon, who was due for active service, had taken leave from his university and worked as a math teacher in a private institution in Daegu. In March 2006, Kwon met Jeong at a job fair and asked him to put his name on his company’s employment list so that it would look as if he were working as an industrial technician agent. Kwon is suspected of having given Jeong a total of 39 million won in three installments. Kwon used the 100 million won he had received from the private institution to pay Jeong for this favor. Kwon did not work at all at company “I,” which Jeong was the president of, and continued to work as a math tutor.

An official of the prosecutors’ office explained the reason for the warrant, saying, “Kwon was responsible for supporting his family because his father is fighting cancer, but many men under similar circumstances are serving the nation nonetheless.”

The prosecution also decided to notify the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) of the nullification of the enlistment of three singers who are being accused of false enlistment. Singers K (27) and L (28) are former members of a popular boy-group, and singer K (28) is a solo artist.

In addition, the prosecution is investigating the cases of singers L (30) and C (29), also former members of a boy-group, and hip-hop singer J (29), who was recently summoned for investigation.

The prosecution announced that they had conducted a search yesterday afternoon of the offices of an online education business Y operated by singer PSY’s uncle Mr. Park (52) and PSY’s agency, PSY Entertainment. PSY has been accused of charges of neglecting to perform service.

An official of the prosecutors’ office said, “We are using the confiscated material and bank account tracking to see if there were financial transactions among companies Y and F (the software development company where PSY worked) and PSY Entertainment regarding PSY’s neglect of his duties. PSY has notified us that he will not be able to participate in the investigation this week due to a provincial tour, and will be summoned early next week.”