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Lee Bong-ju’s Marathon Diet

Posted March. 13, 2007 03:16,   


Lee Bong-ju (37, Samsung Electronics) is not in his prime anymore.

To participate in the 78th Dong-A Marathon, which is also called the 2007 Seoul International Marathon, which will be held on March 18, he went on a diet starting March 12, but the intensity is much weaker than it used to be. He used the ‘9-9 method’ before, eating only meat and water for the first three days, and eating only carbohydrates for the last three days. However, he used the ‘6-6 method’ this time, which includes protein and water during the first six meals and carbohydrates for the last six meals to build up physical strength.

The diet is a regimen that enables the maximum intake of glycogen, an energy source in bodies. Bodies have the instinct to store what they lack. However, this exhausts a body’s carbohydrate level completely and fills it up again. So, it is extreme and causes emaciation. That is why Lee changed from the 9-9 to 6-6 system.

Lee has to eat 500g of beef and water per meal until March 14, which makes even the softest meals taste like rubber. Furthermore, he also runs 13-14km in 70 minutes twice a day in the morning and the afternoon, and he becomes totally exhausted because he used up all his energy. He is constantly on edge. Because of this, it is called the hell diet.

Lee will mainly eat carbohydrates starting from March 14, including boiled glutinous rice and Chinese noodles.

The reason why he chose this method is to improve his record. Although he has gone through intense training starting from late December, 2006, he aims at improving his record by ‘+α” through his diet, which is scientific. Lee will try to break his Korean record of 2 hours, 7 minutes, 20 seconds. He set this record in the 2000 Tokyo Marathon.