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Lee Being Punished for Nixing Trade?

Posted September. 19, 2006 06:54,   


“Chorongi” Lee Yeong-pyo, 29, of Tottenham Hotspur has been sitting in three games. He had no injury but was not called to play. Something is wrong.

Lee did not play in Tottenham’s home game with Fulham on September 18, the fifth of England Premier League 2006-2007 Season. This is his third time not playing on the ground after missing Tottenham’s game with Manchester United on September 10 and with Slavia Prague (Czech), the first round of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Cup on September 15.

What happened to Lee who played as a regular key player until the last season?

A dominant analysis is that Lee is being punished because he refused to transfer to the AS Roma of the Italian Football League Serie A at the end of last month. A football player is a team’s property. Teams can sell and buy players. When a player refuses to be sold, he cannot survive. There is the “Bosman ruling” that teams cannot sell players without their agreement, but when a player refuses to follow a team’s decision, he should be ready to pay for it. Fernando Morientes was rented to AS Monaco (France) and Liverpool (England) and transferred to Valencia (Spain) this year after refusing to transfer when he was a player of Real Madrid.

SBS analyst Park Moon-seong said, “Lee agreed to transfer and suddenly refused it the day before he was supposed to sign up for the transfer. The club owner was upset by his breach of the promise. It is not a matter of his competency that he is not playing. He is being punished.” Tottenham was perplexed by Lee’s sudden change of mind since it already brought in Pascal Chimbonda, 27, to replace Lee. Lee, who is a Christian with deep faith, said it was just a “personal matter,” but people think there was something “religious” at stake.

Lee said, “I am getting along well with coach Martin Jol.” However, Lee may not be lifted to play since Jol is swayed by the team owner Daniel Levy in employing players. There is no slot for Lee as left-back Assou-Ekotto and Chimbonda are playing their parts well. MBC analyst Seo Hyeong-uk said, “Lee may not be called to play unless other players are injured.” Experts are saying, “He had better transfer in the winter.” Where will Lee’s fate turn?