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Teachers Molested Disabled Students

Posted August. 23, 2006 03:23,   


The National Human Rights Commission recommended on August 22 that about the sexual assault case that happened at the Inwha School in Gwangju, a special school for hearing impaired persons, and Inwhawon, a social welfare center under the social welfare corporation Woosuk, Gwangju should fire four of its board of directors and two auditors and compose a new board of directors.

The commission had already reported to the prosecution six people on charges of breaking the law on the protection of youth. Among these six people are the former chief of administration, known by his surname Kim (59), who was already sentenced one and two years in prison each for sexually molesting two students, and a superintendent of a boarding house, Lee (35).

The commission investigated the sexual assault case in Inwha and Inwhawon and uncovered that four teachers and staff of the school had sexually assaulted two handicapped students and molested another two from 2000 to 2004.

The commission said, “Sexual assault cases against students with handicaps have long happened at Inwha school and Inwhawon.” and added, ”Behind these cases, there was a structural problem and a severe neglect of duty of the welfare corporation.

One official of the city of Gwangju said, “We decided to accept the commission’s recommendation and after discussion with representatives of the school and the center, a new board of directors will be composed.”