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Dust Storm Could Reach Korea on May 1

Posted May. 01, 2006 03:34,   


A yellow sand storm is expected to hit Korea on May 1.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) said, “Strong yellow dust storms that occurred in a desert region of Nei Mongol are moving toward the air over the Korean Peninsula on the northwestern winds,” and added that the sandstorm will affect North Korea beginning the night of April 30 and spread over the entire peninsula on May 1.

Dust density observed in Zhurihe, China, an epicenter of the dust storm, was 2,000 to 3,000μg per cubic meter (one μg is one part per million, or one ppm).

However, the KMA noted that the yellow dust storm will be weak enough not to issue a yellow storm warning (issued when average dust density is over 500ug per cubic meter for an hour).

The KMA urged people to avoid outdoor places such as parks when going out with children, though the dust storm is expected to be weaker than the previous one on April 8.

Meanwhile, the southern part of the country yesterday had hot weather, with Sancheong county, Gyeongnam recording 30.7 degrees Celsius.

Most parts of the nation except the Seoul and Gyeonggi regions recorded the highest temperatures this year, with the highest daytime temperature of Daegu and Pohang at 30.1, Gwangju at 27.5 and Gangneung at 25.8 degrees Celsius. A KMA official said, “The temperature this week will be pretty much the same or higher than usual.”