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On the Road: Winter Sunsets

Posted December. 23, 2005 03:00,   


For those who don’t want to travel far, “Eoseom” is the perfect getaway. If you pass the West Coast Highway tollgate, turn right, and keep on driving for about 20 minutes, you’ll come to a village named Sagang. Turning right at the end of this village, an intersection can be seen after a slight hill, and after turning left here and flooring it, you’ll be rewarded with Eoseom.

With its vast moors and reeds that reach over your head, Eoseom provides terrific backdrops for pictures. Its light aircraft recreation opportunities are also famous.

Seaside villas look down on Sihwa Lake from the top of a hill. With so much renowned sightseeing, even a trip to Jebudo would finish off your winter vacation itinerary with finesse. (For more information, call the Pension Happyhouse at 031-357-3908, and the Yemo Air light aircraft company at 031-356-1025.)

Heading to Jebudo from Sagang, Gungpyeong-ri soon appears in the distance. It is known for its wondrous Gungpyeong-ri sunset. Gungpyeong Port serves up delicious clam barbeque and raw fish platters that make tongues sing.

There is also a summerhouse located in the middle of the right-hand embankment where you can witness brilliant sunsets. On top of the summerhouse, you can see the endless ocean and Gungpyeong Port with just a glance. Gungpyeong-ri’s sunsets are spectacles unto themselves. The sky changes from blue to purple to orange, and sets the ocean on fire. A lone seagull cries out, and the wind yearns for darkness.

In Jebudo, the trail and boulders worn smooth by the waves are impressive. (Call the Jebudo Office at 031-369-1673 for more information.)

If you drive about 15 minutes in the direction of the Daebudo billboards, you’ll come to the Sihwa embankment. You can catch a boat sailing for the Nueseom lighthouse next to the embankment, or walk at low tide. For more information, call the Nueseom Lighthouse Manager at 010-3038-2331.)