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Korea Bans Anti-Globalization Activists

Posted November. 03, 2005 07:19,   


In an effort to prevent protests against the Busan Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit 2005, the police announced on Wednesday that it will prohibit 998 civic activists from around 20 civic groups all around the world who have been convicted in their own countries for participating in anti-globalization protests from entering the country beginning early this month until November 19, when the summit is scheduled to come to an end.

The police stated that these groups, which are headquartered in Japan, Mexico, and the U.S., publicly denounce globalization.

In addition, it reported a list of 400 foreigners who are likely to organize or participate in anti-APEC protests to the immigration office of the Ministry of Justice.

The police plans to issue warnings to those who manage to enter the country stating that they are banned from staging protests during their stay in Korea and can be subject to criminal penalty or deportation if they violate the domestic law. Also, it will take additional measures to keep them away from illegal protests.

A source from the police said, “We are committed to preventing individuals and groups who attempt to disrupt the APEC summit from staging illegal violent protests, and we will take cautions not to infringe upon the human rights of foreigners who have no history of participating in illegal protests.”