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Government Takes on a “Science Genius” Education Program

Government Takes on a “Science Genius” Education Program

Posted August. 10, 2005 03:11,   


The government plans to scout “the brightest of the brightest” children and systematically manage these genius kids.

The Ministry of Science and Technology announced on Tuesday that a “science wonder-child program” is underway to select genius children of school-age or younger with gifted talents in science and specially train them.

An official of the ministry said, “One in every one million children in the same age group is a science wonder kid. Every wonder child will be put in the hands of a special management team of four or five people consisting of parents, professors, and teachers.”

The program gained momentum when news broke out about Song Yu-geun, who finished the six-year curriculum of elementary school in just three months and passed the certificate examination for high school entrance this May at the age of seven. There is not yet a specialized program in place for genius kids in the third grade or younger, not to mention wonder kids like Song.