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U.S. Conservative Groups “Make Efforts to Protect Human Rights in North Korea”

U.S. Conservative Groups “Make Efforts to Protect Human Rights in North Korea”

Posted July. 27, 2005 03:03,   


Conservative religious and civic groups of the United States on July 25 called for improvements to North Korea’s humanitarian situation and active efforts from the international society such as the U.S. and U.N. toward this goal.

About 100 organizations including Freedom House, the Hudson Institute, and the Free Muslims Coalition voiced such opinions through a statement titled “Threats Posed on Global Security by the Suffering North Koreans and the North Korean Regime” at a meeting that day.

However, they stated, “It is unnecessary to take military action (towards the North) to deal with North Korea’s human rights situation and the threat of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).”

In the statement, they pointed out, “The North Korea regime is committing a wide range of human rights violations. Specific examples are the starvation of its people, abduction, religious persecution, trafficking of women and children, conduction of gas rooms, and the world’s largest inhumane concentration camp.”

The statement also cited, “We strongly believe that corresponding U.S. support should follow significant human rights and WMD reforms by the North. (However) we will make every effort to ensure that such support is provided after reforms have been implemented.”

The statement criticized the lukewarm attitude of the South Korean government.

It said that the South Korean government has not condemned the North for its humanitarian situation and is ready to provide aid and legitimize the North Korea regime in exchange for the resolution of North Korea’s WMD issue.

The statement asserted, “Thus, the South Korean government has added to the difficulties faced by North Korean defectors and has weakened their hope.”

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