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Samsung Apologizes to Public for Wiretapping Scandal

Posted July. 26, 2005 03:08,   


The Samsung Group made an announcement yesterday and apologized to the public regarding the wiretapping and slush fund scandal that the company is entangled in now by saying, “Regardless of its credibility, a company apology to the public should be made because it is causing serious social unrest now.”

The executives of Samsung Group expressed their apology in this announcement and said, “Even though there are some distortions and exaggerations in what was allegedly revealed by the investigation on illegal eavesdropping, we believe that our apology to the public must be made first because the scandal is provoking serious social unrest and stimulating people’s anxiety.”

Samsung Group also revealed new information in this announcement by saying, “The company had been asked to buy this tape at an extremely high price in 1999, but we voluntarily reported it to a national agency despite the consequent blow that was expected to hit the company after the revelation.”

They additionally stressed, “If one attempts to meet its ends by using unjustifiable means, it must be nipped early no matter what happens,” adding, “Illegal eavesdropping, and the revelation and distribution of information related to this without deep consideration that has played a key role in driving the case to such an extreme situation must be eradicated for the sake of privacy preservation and the development of democracy in our society.”

Samsung Group also made a promise to the public by saying, “The Samsung Group will return the nation’s love and attention by cutting old, habitual wrong practices and customs. From now on, the company will put the most energy in enhancing the company’s competitive power and facilitating the nation’s economic recovery.”

Young-Hae Choi yhchoi65@donga.com