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Seo Yeong-gyeong to Work as a Statistical Analysis Specialist

Seo Yeong-gyeong to Work as a Statistical Analysis Specialist

Posted July. 14, 2005 02:07,   


“Studying is so fun, but basketball interests me, too. Should I play again? I can`t make up my mind…."

Seo Yeong-gyeong finally returned to the basketball court, but not as a player. She gave up her basketball career and is now a student at Seoul National University. She will be working as the Shinsegae basketball team`s statistical analysis specialist, which sounds unfamiliar.

Seo was under the spotlight as the youth national team starting point guard in her high school years at SoongEui Girl`s High School. She was selected to Woori Bank Basketball Team and became a national team player in 2003. However, she suddenly left the league to become a physical education teacher in May 2004, and after studying 16 hours a day, Seo finally gained admission to Seoul National University’s physical education department.

Her job as a specialist covers recording game statistics with using an electronic pen, including the players` shot selection and success/failure rate and defensive positioning.

Seo was actually “invited” to take the job. The Shinsegae basketball team spent 43 million won to develop the team`s own statistics analysis program. In the preliminary test, however, the team found that the system requires a staff with strong basketball sense, the very quality Seo possesses.

"It is so good to use my knowledge to earn tuition during the summer vacation by watching friends playing ball," she smiled.

Upon finishing her first semester, which was more challenging: to be a student or a basketball player? "Basketball, definitely," she said, adding, "Please cheer loudly for the female basketball players. They went through hard training to be able to appear on the court."

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