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We’ll Write a Legend of Distinct Solo Singers

Posted May. 17, 2005 22:44,   


Two members of pop group Shinwha, Lee Min-woo and Shin Hye-sung, are building their solo careers these days. Lee, also known as solo singer “M,” and Shin, who released his solo album titled “Love in May” on May 6, met amid their busy schedules on May 15 in a coffee shop in Sejong-no, Jongro-gu, Seoul. These days, Lee is putting the final touch on his second album due in June, while Shin is appearing on many TV shows after the release of his album. The two gave high-fives and hugged upon seeing each other.

Shin Hye-sung: I was proud before my album came out. But now I only get nervous whenever I’m on stage. As a result, I make so many mistakes in lyrics and others. Watching me singing on TV, Eric sent me a text message saying, “Look at the camera.” Give me some advice since you started your solo career before me. (laugh)

Lee Min-woo: I felt burdened when my solo album was released with the name of “M” in late 2003. I had quite a hard time. How much would the fans understand my music? Wouldn’t they criticize me, saying that I’m taking advantage of the popularity of Shinhwa? I worried a lot. But I’m now more interested in being recognized for my music than about popularity.

Shin: I believe you will be successful because you have your own musical style. You have an attractiveness that makes the pubic follow the “M” style.

Lee: That’s a compliment, right? I saw you sing from below the stage. You looked so happy as if you were flying.

Shin: Indeed, I’m a member of Shinhwa. But I also want to be entirely free of such an image when I’m singing solo. That’s why I decided for “ballad singer Shin Hye-sung” as the direction of my album and filled all 14 tracks with popular ballads. It is fair to say that "Buen Camino" (good road/journey), a bossa-nova song featuring my respected singer Kang Soo-ji, and “Present,” composed by Chung Seok-won who was a member of the group “015B,” are the gems of my album.

Lee: I’m also working like crazy on my second album these days. Since I failed to sing in concerts or TV shows as much as I thought, I’m quite poised to do so this time. I did the overall production of the album and also got some advice from Yang Hyun-seok.

Shin: Did you? By the way, people talk about a rivalry between us since we both became solo. Do you want to beat me?

Lee: Maybe people say that because we share the same blood type A. (laugh) Indeed, our style is quite different. Above all, we would not have met each other in an occasion like this, had it not been for Shinhwa.

Shin: I hope we will both be successful and you would be more recognized as “M.” I want you to recover quickly from your ankle injury and sweep the stage again.