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Documents on Russian Oil Development Project Systematically Destroyed

Documents on Russian Oil Development Project Systematically Destroyed

Posted April. 29, 2005 23:37,   


The Seoul District Central Prosecutor’s Office Special Investigation Department III (Chief Prosecutor Hong Man-pyo), which is currently investigating the Russian oil development case, revealed on April 29 that Korea Railroad destroyed related documents before the investigation began. One official said, “We have evidence that an official at Korea Railroad who is not related to the oil development project has attempted to hide related documents in order to ‘protect the organization.’”

Accordingly, the prosecutor’s office summoned an official who is higher in rank than Wang Young-yong, the head of development headquarters at Korea Railroad who was arrested the previous day, and interrogated him on the process of ordering the elimination of files and whether any higher officials are involved.

The prosecutor’s office has filed an arrest warrant for Wang Young-yong for defalcation based on the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes. The prosecutor’s office is planning to investigate Wang as well as the president of Highend, Jeon Dae-wol (arrested), and based on the results may also summon Vice Minister of Construction and Transportation Kim Se-ho, President of Korea Railroad Shin Gwang-soon, and Park Sang-jo, the former head of the Card Operation Headquarters at Railroad Foundation.