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Have You Ever Done Document Approval Through Your Cell Phone?

Have You Ever Done Document Approval Through Your Cell Phone?

Posted April. 11, 2005 23:34,   


Without going inside one’s company, it is possible to check e-mail through accessing the Internet from a cellular phone. Also, one can cope with accumulated documents, which require approval, outside the office.

Mobile phones are serving as personal computers (PCs), thanks to mobile communication service companies providing businessmen with various services.

Checking E-mail-

In the most typical example, one can take advantage of services that allow checking e-mail by phone.

If one uses “Phone Mail Service,” which has been recently offered by KTF, a local mobile communication service company, one can confirm the contents of an e-mail and added images through the short message service (SMS) of mobile phones. While one is working outside, if an e-mail arrives in one’s mailbox, it is conveyed thorough one’s cell phone. This system is even more convenient than a previous system, in which one had to gain access to the wireless Internet to check e-mail.

In addition, one is able to check the title of e-mails, who sent the e-mail, and the contents of the e-mail within the a preview total number of 1,000 letters, and images. KTF currently provides “Phone Mail 1,500,” a rate plan in which subscribers can receive up to 20 phone mails a day and 6,000 a month by paying a monthly fee of 1,500 won.

“Biz Mail” service, offered by SK Telecom, can be used through accessing “Nate.” There are two services available: ‘Internet Mail’ and “My Own Quick Mail” in this service plan. If one uses the former, one can check web mail that an individual uses, and in the latter, one can check e-mail that is used in one’s company. The monthly fee is 900 won.

LG Telecom offers a service in which one can confirm a total of 16 representative web mails, including Daum, MSN, and Yahoo, through one’s mobile phone. This service’s remarkable point is one can manage the service after integrating up to 16 mail accounts into a single program.

The Mobile Phone as a PC-

LG Telecom offers its “Mobile Office” service for corporation customers. With using this service, one can deal with business needs such as document approval by wirelessly accessing one’s company network. Also, one can check e-mail and notice boards, perform daily schedule management, perform task management, update address lists, and send mail. With this service, one no longer needs to carry a laptop.

One can even utilize MSN Messenger through one’s cellular phone. If one subscribes to this service of KTF, when one needs to rapidly deliver something during a meeting, or when talking over the phone is not possible due to the noise, it is convenient. One can utilize unlimited messenger service by paying a monthly fee of 3,000 won. However, one has to pay a separate data fee, which applies when downloading the messenger.

The Others-

“Mobile DM” service, offered by SK Telecom, is convenient for those who are salespeople, such as insurance agents or automobile salespeople. If they send such games as Tetris or Gostop to their special customers as a present, whenever they play the game, the salesperson’s name shows up on the cell phone. While an information fee in regard to mobile contents is paid by the salesperson, the customers just pay a connection fee when downloading the games.

Likewise, “M-Quick” service, offered by SK Telecom, is convenient for quick service companies. This service provides consumers with order contents and delivery information of products by connecting companies’ management PCs with a mobile phone wireless Internet link in real time.

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