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Overcome Regional Deadlock, Even by Increasing the Number of Representatives

Overcome Regional Deadlock, Even by Increasing the Number of Representatives

Posted February. 25, 2005 22:54,   


Upon the second anniversary of his inauguration yesterday, President Roh Moo-hyun stressed, “I will stabilize the real estate problem without fail, even if it takes a war against speculation.”

President Roh expressed strong approval for real estate price stabilization during his state address before the National Assembly at Yeouido, Seoul, saying, “I will by all means curb [real estate prices] whenever there is any sign of speculation.”

President Roh further added that “The tax system to preclude speculation is almost ready. All transactions will be computerized within this year, so real estate transactions will be 100 percent exposed. Some worry about the construction business, but I will certainly curb real estate speculations and revitalize the construction business.”

In his speech, President Roh suggested ameliorating the election district system like increasing the number of proportional representation seats of political parties. President Roh asserted that “In the last April 15 general election, regional seats did not represent regional votes. Regional deadlock must be broken, even by increasing the number of representatives.”

President Roh made it clear that current critical consensus will not make him change his mind about the past injustice investigation issue: “Although we have to touch a sore wound, it is befitting to clarify the past as it is. It is the universal method of the entire world to make the past clear, seek reconciliation, and to heal the wound and animosity.”

President Roh also had comments to make about the elimination of corruption: “I will at least solve the irregularity and corruption linked with money during my term. [One] should bear and take responsibility for becoming the objects of punishment for practicing customs that infringe the law and cannot be accepted in the future even if they may have been tolerated in the past.”

Concerning North Korea’s declaration of nuclear possession and non-participation in the six-party talks, President Roh only had a few words to say: “As the fundamental structure has not changed largely, I will have flexibility and cope with it with poise under coherent principle.”

Before the state address, President Roh conversed with GNP Chairwoman Park Geun-hye and other opposition leaders in the National Assembly speaker’s office. He expressed his intention to invite the leaders of four ruling and opposition parties sometime in the middle of next month.

Meanwhile, regarding yesterday’s address, GNP Chairwoman Park Geun-hye asserted, “I welcome [President Roh’s] policy to focus on the economy, but there is nothing new overall. In particular, there is no information for the people regarding the North Korea nuclear issue.”

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