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No More Personal Trips for Signatures in the Ministry of Government Administration

No More Personal Trips for Signatures in the Ministry of Government Administration

Posted February. 11, 2005 23:01,   


The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs will introduce an electrical signing system in place of the existing system in which an individual personally signs documents. The existing method presently accounts for 90 percent of all inter-ministry processes.

Minister Oh Young-kyo explained, “The personnel report to their immediate supervisors, heads of divisions, the heads of office or bureau chiefs, the vice minister, and then the minister. Much of the entire process is personal. So it takes a long time to draw up and execute policies. Moreover, policy makers’ intentions are often distorted somewhere along the line. To make up for such shortcomings, all ministerial and vice-ministerial works will be done electronically.”

However, the ministry’s exceptions include personnel affairs that require consultations among supervisors and lower-level officials, and reports on and approvals of audit results, all of which will continue being dealt with personally.

Also, the ministry intends to hold frequent policy discussions among the minister, vice-minister, and highest-level officials where they can iron out differences in their opinions. The purpose is to promote more egalitarian and active discussions on policies.

The ministry also has decided to officially ban the writing of unnecessary reports, lecture materials, speeches, debate materials, press releases, as well as others in order to boost its productivity.

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