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Sixty Percent Turnout for the Iraqi Election

Posted January. 31, 2005 23:17,   


In the Iraqi election, the nationwide turnout was estimated at more than 60 percent, higher than expected, in spite of sporadic terrorism by insurgents.

“The Iraqi election must be a success,” said U.S. President George W. Bush at the news conference after the polls. He added, “I highly appreciate that Iraqis braved death threats to go to the polls.”

Overseas reports also acknowledged the failure of insurgent attacks to dissuade Iraqis from venturing out to vote.

In particular, the country’s largest group, Shiites, which make up 60 percent of the total population in Iraq, turned out in so a large number that it will no doubt take real political power from the election.

The Iraqi Electoral Commission reported yesterday that the nationwide turnout could reach above 60 percent.

According to Reuters, considering that the Iraqi acting government had set a goal of 50 percent turnout in the election as a yardstick for success, the Iraqi election can be seen as a success, which would give legitimacy to the expected constituent National Assembly and the new government.

Ho-Gab Lee gdt@donga.com