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These Ribs Just Didn’t Taste Right…

Posted December. 30, 2004 22:36,   


On December 30, Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office penal team 2 (Chief Sung Si-woong) confined and charged Lee (43) from W Company for selling fake beef ribs (“Yidong galbi”) made by pasting imported meat from the front legs of the cows to the imported rib-bones with adhesives called food bind (for violation of Livestock Products Law).

According to prosecutors, Lee sold 19 million fake ribs worth approximately 17.6 billion won to department stores, discount stores, and about 350 restaurants nationwide since January 2002.

“Yidong galbi,” originated in Yidong, Gyeonggi Province, is a spiced beef ribs, popular among the people for its cheap price and delicious flavor.

The investigation by the prosecutors revealed that W Company is the largest beef ribs selling domestic company, with annual sales of about 25 billion won, and the company developed the method to make fake ribs using food bind in 1998.

Although the W Company delivered real ribs to department stores in Seoul and large discount stores, the company delivered fake ribs to department and discount stores in the countryside and small restaurants, where the quality controls are inattentive.

The prosecutors also prosecuted Choi (37) from N Company and Park (41) from B Company without physical restraint for the same charge.

Jin-Young Hwang buddy@donga.com