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“Clues Link Rep. Park Hyuk-gyu to Bribery of Over 500,000,000 Won”

“Clues Link Rep. Park Hyuk-gyu to Bribery of Over 500,000,000 Won”

Posted December. 20, 2004 23:06,   


The Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office (Chief: Park Sang-gil) informed Rep. Park to make an appearance during December 22 or 23 after obtaining clues in relation to the suspicion of the apartment authorization lobby in the Gwangju region of Gyeoggi on December 20, that the assemblyman of this area, Park Hyuk-gyu of the GNP Party had received hundreds of millions of won in bribery from a construction company.

The prosecution authority implied that the amount received was over five hundred million won by saying, “It was revealed that the amount of money that Rep. Park received was larger than the amount the arrested Gwangju mayor Kim Yong-gyu had received.”

The prosecution confirmed a statement from the company authority that Mayor Kim had received one hundred million won, of the five hundred million won which he received in four times, from Rep. Park’s house.

On the other hand, Rep. Park refuted such suspicions during a telephone call with the Dong-a Ilbo reporter, saying, “With the special session of Assembly taking place, and personal schedules, I delivered my situation that I would make an appearance personally on December 28 through my lawyer.” and added, “I have never received anything (from a construction company).”