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An Explosion at Zaytun Camp Leaves One Korean Worker Dead

An Explosion at Zaytun Camp Leaves One Korean Worker Dead

Posted November. 16, 2004 22:57,   


A Korean worker of a construction company died of a safety accident on November 16 at the Zaytun camp in Arbil, northen Iraq.

According to the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff, at about 8:20 a.m. (local time) this day, Mr. Chung Myoung-nam (aged 52), working for Taehwa Precision Industry Inc., was hit by a lid of a large paint can and died. The large paint can, with a diameter of 60 centimeters and a height of one meter, suddenly exploded while Mr. Chung was painting the inside of an office at the camp.

The ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff views the explosion to have stemmed from excessively high air pressure caused by a malfunction of the compressor. The compressor is used to ooze the paint out by pushing air into the large paint can.

Immediately after the accident, Zaytun troops moved Mr. Chung to the unit’s emergency room and administered resuscitation, but Mr. Chung passed away at about 8:55 a.m.

An official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade explained that “the accurate cause of the explosion is under investigation. The paint can was made by Mr. Chung in Arbil, and the compressor was bought there. Therefore it is estimated to be an accident rather than a terror act.”

It is reported that the ministry’s agency in Arbil is preparing a mortuary within the area and is discussing procedures regarding the transfer of the body, and the funeral with Mr. Chung’s family.

Ho-Won Choi bestiger@donga.com