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Opposition Urges Prosecution to Investigate Suspicions Over Chang and Chung

Opposition Urges Prosecution to Investigate Suspicions Over Chang and Chung

Posted July. 06, 2004 22:12,   


The Grand National Party urged the prosecution yesterday to investigate suspicions over Uri Party lawmaker Chang Bok-shim’s alleged lobbying and new Culture Minister Chung Dong-chea’s alleged misuse of influence to secure a post for an acquaintance.

GNP floor leader Kim Deog-ryong insisted that the prosecution launch an immediate investigation of the allegations once Seo Young-seok’s alleged asking for a favor was confirmed, saying, “If the office of the senior presidential secretary for civil affairs makes an investigation into suspicions involved in the president’s acquaintances, it will definitely end groundless rumors” during a key officeholders’ meeting.

Kim repeatedly put pressure on the prosecution’s thorough investigation in a luncheon meeting with reporters, saying, “I will watch how determined the prosecution’s will to investigate is, as the prosecution expressed its intention to investigate into Rep. Chang’s case.”

“The ruling party, having cried for reforms and clean politics, is ‘also’ playing dirty politics, with bad old habits and moral hazards,” said GNP secretary-general Kim Hyong-o at a key officeholders’ meeting and added, “Those who have to be investigated are in reverse investigating into suspicions over Chang’s alleged lobbying.”

A group consisting of party moderates including Rep. Kim Hak-song, called “Thinking of the People,” released a statement to insist the ruling party immediately expel Rep. Chang, who is recently causing a significant amount of fuss.

In case the prosecution shows a lukewarm attitude towards the investigation, some lawmakers decided to consider a full-scale response on a parliamentary level, including paying the chief executives of the prosecution a visit of protest, stating the importance of evenhandedness within the investigation to the opposition party’s lawmakers.

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