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[Editorial] When Election Invalidity Arrives after the Complete Election

[Editorial] When Election Invalidity Arrives after the Complete Election

Posted April. 02, 2004 22:37,   


The word of the invalidity of the election is circulating even before the 17th complete election. Election related laws are becoming stricter, however, violation of them are more frequent. The National Election Commission (NEC) disclosed 2,480 cases for the violation of election related laws this year, which is triple that of the last complete election. It is an embarrassing number which has neglected the nation’s wish for a clean election.

The Supreme Court of Korea requested to sentence the invalidity of the election to those candidates who gave out money and other valuables, spread false facts, and abused other candidates in the election crime judge meeting held yesterday. Acting President and Prime Minister Goh Kun said, “Just because they are elected, we will not allow illegal activities, and we will see to it that they do not complete their tenures.”

The new election related law contains revolutionary contents which completely change the traditional way of election. It allows us to see the cash flow as if through a glass window and makes a trivial violation of law subjected to heavy sentences. The reward system provides an initiative for the voters to keep a sharp eye on what is occurring. NEC prosecutors and polices’ supervision will have increased, resulting in two candidates receiving private law treatment since the start of the election campaign. The era where the tradition of “it does not matter how I get elected as long as I do” no longer exists.

It is natural that those candidates who violated the laws be sentenced with election invalidity. Those who do not obey the law cannot be lawmakers. However, if many reelections and by-elections are to be held due to the invalidity, it is also a great national social loss.

Therefore, we should see to it that this situation does not arrive. To achieve this, voters should not give their precious votes to law-breaking candidates. The candidates also should remember that a little deviation from the law will result in the end of their political lives. The authorities have to eliminate the root of illegal elections by quickly treating illegal candidates with the private law, even during the election campaign season.