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Former North Korean Scientist Observed Living Body Experiment

Former North Korean Scientist Observed Living Body Experiment

Posted March. 04, 2004 23:20,   


The L.A. Times reported on March 3 that a former high-level North Korean scientist, who sought asylum in South Korea about two years ago, directly observed a living body experiment conducted on political criminals of North Korea.

This newspaper disclosed that he witnessed the experiment in 1979, and other information has been obtained through hearsay since then. It is the first time for a high-level North Korean scientist to mention the existence of a living body experiment.

Under conditions of anonymity, this scientist in his fifties witnessed observing a living body experiment in the military prison 24 kilometers north of Pyongyang, which is well known as a political criminals’ concentration camp. He was invited to this prison as a witness because he dealt with the chemical substance as part of his preparation for his doctoral dissertation.

He testified that the two male victims were starved and emaciated and not even allowed a shave. The victims were moved to a room which had a big window on one side of its wall and were exploited as a prey of living body experiments while the scientists and government officials looked on.

“One man desperately scratched his neck and bosom, tore off his gray-colored prison uniform, and finally turned into a blood-stained corpse,” recalled the scientist.

This scientist witnessed that these two victims screamed for three hours and died.

The Unification Ministry of Korea has proved that this witness was formerly a high-level chemist in a certain laboratory of North Korea, reported the L.A. Times.