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Roh and Jung ‘Must Have Used 2 Billion Won During Presidential Candidacy’

Roh and Jung ‘Must Have Used 2 Billion Won During Presidential Candidacy’

Posted February. 01, 2004 22:35,   


The Democratic Party and the prosecution confronted each other yesterday in relation to the arrest warrant issued for former democratic member Han Hwah-gap, while the Uri Party criticized that “it was a typical case of conventional politics.”

-The Democrats are seeking to form a conventional supporting group

As 20 or so prosecution investigators tried to enter party headquarters, around 200 present members and supporters of Han sang “the tears of Mok-po” and prevented their entry.

The Democrats consider the investigation on Han to be “political revenge” and “killing democrats,” as they build up a strategy to form a conventional group to support the Democratic Party.

The plan to hold a censure rally in Kwang-ju on Tuesday, February 1, 2004 is also a part of the party’s plan for direct confrontation. Kim Young-hwan, a central standing member, cried out that “the government is even trying to arrest Han. It is trying to get rid of all DJ supporters and the Democratic Party.”

Another central standing member, Kim Young-jae, added that “President Roh and Uri Party chairman Jung Dong-young must have spent more than 2 billion won after the 16 regional races during the presidential candidacy competition.” Secretary general Kang Un-tae also said that “Chairman Jung has been in three candidacies during his term as 16th Assemblyman. It should be investigated what and how much money he used.”

Former member Han said at a meeting with member Kim Hong-il that “President Roh is doing all he can prior to the elections, by fair means or foul. Their election methods make me think of the Nazis.” Members Lee Sang-soo and Lee Jae-jung have already become disposal targets.

Meanwhile Judge Choi Wan-joo of the Seoul district court issued an arrest warrant for former member Han on January 31, but excluded the part about receiving 650 million won from Hightech Housing saying that “it is uncertain whether he was initially aware of receiving the money.”

-The Uri Party fires back

The Uri Party has also decided to directly confront the opposition party’s promotion to open a hearing on illegal political funds and investigation into political revenge. This had been considered unlikely because of its defensive attitude in the past.

Chairman Jung showed his intentions on January 31 to accept the hearing on the condition of former Grand National Party (GNP) chairman Lee Hyoi-Chang’s attendance. Even more, central standing member Shin Kyi-nam said that “open a hearing as you wish. How could we prevent it?”

Member An Young-kun, who withdrew from GNP, said that “during the presidential election in 2002, about 250 million won was handed over to district parties from the central headquarters over a period of three to four months, both formally and informally.” He added that “about 150 million won out of the total amount was received in cash as illegal funds.”

However, campaign spokesman Park Young-sun said that “The Uri Party’s strategy against the opposition is not ‘back fire’ but ignorance, and we will only focus on practical innovative ways to establish public welfare, public rights and public sentiment, the three new politics for the nation that have been proposed by Chairman Jung.”

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