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Discussion on Reconsidering Special Counsel Plan on the Flow

Discussion on Reconsidering Special Counsel Plan on the Flow

Posted November. 30, 2003 22:30,   


The majority Grand National Party finally decided to come back to the National Assembly as well as end its’ off-floor strike against the president, as “a possible vote for re-consideration’ on the special counsel bill approving the investigation on the corruption allegations against Roh’s former aides’ which is currently in discussion. Due to the plan, the pending deliberations on next year’s budget plan and bills are expected to resume early this week.

In particular, Assembly Speaker Park Kwan-yong will hold a conference with the leaders and floor leaders of the four major parties on December 1, and will focus on the topics related to the normalization of the National Assembly and reassessment of the independent counsel bill for investigating President Roh Moo-hyun’s close aides, which is likely to set up a breakthrough in the current confronting political situation.

Regarding this turnover, Rep. Lee Kang-du, head of the GNP’s Policy Committee, said during a press conference on November 30 that the GNP representatives were all prepared to discuss the budget plan for next year on a practical basis as soon as a controversial special counsel bill is settled. A key member of the GNP also expressed, “When the situation becomes mature, we may unveil a scheme of reconsidering the special counsel bill at the general meeting on December 8, and the timing can be advanced.”

However, the GNP announced that it will continue its struggle against President Roh for his veto on the independent counsel bill. Under the policy that it will continue to push forward an outbound strike as scheduled previously, the GNP plans to launch a promotional campaign “A great march for the sake of nation’s revival through political reform of special counsel bill.” But the hunger strike of GNP leader Choe will continue for the time being, and GNP’s Floor Leader Lee Jae-oh is also starting a hunger strike as of yesterday.

Meanwhile, Rep. Cho Soon-hyung, a new leader of the Millennium Democratic Party, will make a visit to the GNP leader Rep. Choe Byung-yul, who is currently undergoing a hunger strike, and other chairmen and floor leaders of the three parties on December 1, and request from them an earlier reconsideration of the National Assembly for the counsel bill. Also, the United Liberal Democratic Party is supposed to hold its’ general meeting on December 1 and make clear the party’s stance on re-discussing the special counsel bill

Prior to this, Presidential Secretary Moon Hee-sang and Presidential Secretary for Political Affairs Yoo In-tae called on Rep. Choe early November 30 and consoled him. During their visit, they suggested that they would offer him an opportunity to meet and discuss with the president at any time if Rep. Choe showed any intention to do so. However, Choe apparently turned down the proposal by insisting on “withdrawal of veto against special counsel bill in advance.”

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