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Korea University and Yonsei University Suggesting to Introduce Donation-based Admission System

Korea University and Yonsei University Suggesting to Introduce Donation-based Admission System

Posted November. 07, 2003 23:02,   


Korea University and Yonsei University yesterday released an agreement, saying, “Universities should be more autonomous in financing in order to enhance competitiveness.” They stated, “A donation-based admission system is also included in concrete measures.” This statement is drawing people’s attention over whether a donation-based admission system, which Yonsei University is considering, will carry over to other private universities including Korea University. Some students will be admitted to a university under the system if their parents donate a certain amount of money or contribute to the university by uplifting the name of the school.

At the 2nd Korea-Japan Millennium Forum held at Seoul Plaza Hotel yesterday morning, President of Yonsei University Kim Yoon-sik, President of Korea University Euh Yoon-dae, President of Keio University Yuichiro Anzai, and President of Waseda University Katsuhiko Shirai released the agreement after holding a meeting on building partnership between Korea and Japan and the role of private universities in the 21st century.

“To enhance global competitiveness of universities, we agreed on the need to promote autonomy which will facilitate industry-academic cooperation and financing,” the presidents said in the agreement. “We share the view that universities need autonomy because financing of private universities is limited by the law.”

“I look highly upon Yonsei University’s effort to pursue a donation-based admission system,” said President Euh, suggesting that Korea University may consider introducing the system.

The donation-based system is being pursued by Yonsei University. However, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development is opposed to the system, citing the existing law and the public opinion.