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Huh Seong-gwan and Choi Nak-jeong for New Ministers

Posted September. 17, 2003 22:43,   


President Roh Moo-hyeon unofficially decided Huh Seong-gwan, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries as the new Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs in succession to the retiring Mr. Kim Du-gwan. Vice minister Choi Nak-jeong promoted to Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to take the empty office.

Prime Minister Go Gun recommended the two of them earlier this day through documents.

Minister Kim had breakfast with President Roh this day and tendered his resignation on the spot. The presidential personnel aide Jung Chan-yong delivered the news that President Roh would appoint Minister Huh officially after accepting the resignation once the typhoon damage recovery is done to a certain extent. Mr. Jung said, “Future Minister Huh is a well-qualified person for innovation in management and local finance decentralization since he majored business administrations, and being a scholar inclined to reformation. He has firm conviction and propulsion power sufficient enough to smoothly propel government innovation and decentralization.” Also, he mentioned about the new Minister Choi that he has abundant experience and professionalism being on duty at marine and harbor field, and presents reformative inclination combined with crisis-dealing capacity. He was praised to be a person who is capable of constructing a material distribution-oriented nation, and who will perform smoothly the fishery agreement and reformation of marine products industry distribution system without trouble.

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