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9 Billion Won Spent on Producing 70,000 Government Decorations for the past 3years

9 Billion Won Spent on Producing 70,000 Government Decorations for the past 3years

Posted August. 28, 2003 17:47,   


How many people receive a decoration or a medal awarded by the government every year? And how much such honors are worth in money?

It has been estimated that the government granted decorations and medals to 70,721 people from 2000 to 2002. The costs for producing the awards totaled 8,999 million won or 127,000 won per person.

According to the data that the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs submitted to the National Assembly`s Special Committee for Budget Settlement, the award production costs spent during the past three years were 2,573 million won in 2000 (for 31,032 awardees), 3,388 million won in 2001 (for 18,344 awardees) and 3,038 million won in 2002 (for 21,1345 awardees), totaling 8,999 million won. This year`s budget earmarked for the same expense is 2,991 million won.

The awards production costs vary from 10,970 thousand to 116,000 won. The Grand Rose of Sharon Decoration awarded to the nation`s first couples and their counterparts in allies costs 10,970 thousand won (for man), which is 100 times expensive the cheapest one, Outstanding Public Service Medal (116,000 won). It was the Grand Rose of Sharon Decoration that President Roh refused to receive in February inauguration and said to get it after his term, unlike his predecessors who accepted it at their inauguration ceremonies.

By grade, Foundation of the Nation Decoration and the Republic of Korea Decoration cost 790,000 won, Citizens` Decoration and Presidential Decoration, 770,000 won, Outstanding Military Service Decoration and Kaeguek Decoration, 600,000 won. As for medals, Foundation of the Nation Medal costs 270,000 won, Protection of the Nation Medal, 130,000 won and Forging of a Diplomatic Tie Medal, 250,000 won.

The decoration awarded to major league baseball player Park Chan-ho and pro-glofer Park Seri and other renowned Korean sports men and women was Tiger Decoration, a sports decoration, which costs 620,000 won.

The cheapest decoration and medal were Outstanding Public Service Decoration (1,245,000 won) and Outstanding Public Service Decoration (116,000 won). Presidential Citation and Outstanding Service Medal were 22,300 won and 18,600 won respectively.

Also interesting is the fact that among 8 decorations which have two types for male and females, those for male were more expensive by 13,000 ~ 15,000 won. An official of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs said this is because that the ones for males are a bit bigger.

There are 73 decorations and medals awarded by the government, including 57 decorations, 11 medals, 4 citations and Outstanding Service Medal.

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