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All Deliveries of Cement in Kangwon and Chungbuk Provinces Suspended

All Deliveries of Cement in Kangwon and Chungbuk Provinces Suspended

Posted August. 22, 2003 21:48,   


The Cargo Transportation Workers` Union continued their strike for the second consecutive day Friday, sharply reducing shipments of export goods and raw materials. In addition, the general strike is taking a heavy toll on inland transportation of cement, raising fear of paralysis in the nation`s logistics networks.

However, what is now drawing a keen attention is whether the Cargo Transportation Workers` Union will begin a limited resumption of goods deliveries, taking one step backward from its previous demand for a package deal on higher cargo fees for the Bulk Cement Trailers and container sectors.

The number of containers handled daily plunged one third at the Gyeongin Inland Container Depot in Gyeonggi Province because of the cargo workers` workout.

Major ports across the nation including Pusan, Incheon, and Kwangyang, saw a 40 percent drop in the number of containers brought in and out. It is feared that if the general strike continues until the end of the weekend, major ports will be saturated with undelivered containers.

All deliveries of cement were suspended at Samchuck in Kangwon Province and Danyang in Chungbuk Province.

Vice chairman of the cargo workers union Kim Young-ho said in an official briefing Friday, “Despite our insistence on a package deal on issues involving the container and BCT sectors, it is possible for the leaders of the union to make a deal with the government to minimize damage to the nation`s economy.”

His remarks seem to leave open the possibility that other union workers, except for the BCT sector, will return to their work places, depending on outcomes of negotiations with the government. Members of the BTC are 1500, accounting for 5.5% of the total cargo union workers.

Since no date has been set for further negotiations between BCT firms and workers, chaos for the nation`s cargo transportation system is expected to mount over the weekend.

The ruling Millennium Democratic Party convened a meeting of senior party officials to take an official position on the issue Friday, demanding the government to take a tougher action against the union workers` illegal collective action according to laws and principles. The ruling party decided to discuss measures on how to deal with cargo union workers` strike with the government officials on around August 24.