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221 UN Civilian Employees Died For the Past 11 Years

Posted August. 20, 2003 21:25,   


Well over 200 civilians of UN have died during their missions for the past decade.

DPA Network reported on August 19th that 221 U.N.-belonging civilians have died on their mission since 1992 except for seven people who died in Baghdad, Iraq.

Among them, 193 were killed by atrocious activities and 28 died from a plane accident. The number does not include soldiers from many nations, who died on the UN`s peace-keeping mission.

They were rather innocent civilians who worked for U.N. organizations dealing with refugees, children, food and heath problems.

This is the first time that the U.N was dealt a big blow in its human resources since 1992.

The UN headquarters released that two Philippinos, one American, Egyptian, British and Canadian who died from the bomb terror at Baghdad were UN employees including Brazil-born UN Special Envoy to Iraq Bieira Demelru.

The U.N. plans to withdraw all of its foreign employees in Baghdad to Amman in Jordan on 20th.

The UN Headquarters at New York raised its flag on 19th as the expression of condolences for the deceased and the U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan returned to New York after hearing about the bomb attack. He was on his holiday in the Northern Europe.

Kwan-Hee Hong konihong@donga.com