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U.S. Presses On Towards Baghdad

Posted April. 02, 2003 22:22,   


The United States Army engaged in an enormous battle with the Iraqi Republican Guard in a region 80 kilometers south of Baghdad on April 2 (local time), the 14th day since the opening of the war. Following the battle, there have been reports saying that allied forces have entered into a sort of countdown in their major push towards Baghdad, which will be a watershed of the war.

The 3rd Infantry Division of the U.S. who has been engaged in sporadic battles with the Iraqi Medina Division, a Republican Guard unit, around Karbala located 80 kilometers south of Baghdad since March 24, had its first large scale battle at dawn of the 2nd after advancing into the `red zone`, which has been established by the Iraqi Army.

“Allied forces are advancing on Baghdad with great pressure from the south, the north and the west and we will seize all sides of Baghdad”, stated Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on April 1, before the battle, while dismissing rumors about the U.S. having negotiations with Iraq regarding the end of the war.

Quoting correspondents from the U.S. Central Command, the Times reported on the 2nd that there is a possibility of the beginning of major activity for allied forces in their push towards Baghdad within the next 48 hours.

“Engaged in a holy war against the invaders of evil”, encouraged President Saddam Hussein through a TV speech read by Iraqi Information Minister Mohammad Saeed al-Sahaf on April 1.

AFP Communications reported that 33 civilians including children were killed and 310 were injured by bombing raids conducted by allied forces in the northern part of the country.

Since the early closure of the war seems impossible as of now, President George W. Bush of the United States has decided to request a budget to supply for additional war expenditure, reported Kyoto Communications of Japan on April 2. It also reported that such analysis of needing two more months before the end of the war in the worst case especially as well as the possibility of the collapse of Baghdad in the end of May or in June, are proposed within the administration and the Congress of the U.S.

On the other side, CNN reported on April 1 that President Bush has put his faith in Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld who has been supporting the original plan of quick & decisive victory in comparison to the opinion of the U.S. Army Field Operation Commanders; `starting operations on Baghdad after massing enough military power while focusing on the front lines in the central northern regions`.