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Whose Footsteps Will Hussein Follow In?

Posted March. 18, 2003 22:56,   


The question on everyone’s mind is whose footsteps will Saddam Hussein, who received an ultimatum from George W. Bush on Monday, follow? Russian private broadcasting station NTC put expert opinions together to analyze the eight most dramatically “defeated leaders” and suggested several possible endings for the Iraqi leader.

Isoroku Yamamoto (Japanese Admiral in World War II)

Yamamoto, who executed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, was taking a flight to inspect the front line but was intercepted by the U.S. air force “assassination campaign”. U.S. forces may attempt to rid Hussein like Yamamoto in the war with Iraq.

Slobodan Milosevic (former Yugoslavian president)

Overthrown during a civil uprising, Milosevic was sent to a U.N. war crimes tribunal by the democratic government. This would be the best outcome for the U.S., but it is unlikely to happen.

Osama bin Laden (international terrorist leader born in Saudi Arabia)

Held responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack, but disappeared somewhere in Afghanistan. Perry Smith, British reserves officer, analyzed that if Hussein disappears like bin Laden, it will be the worst possible scenario.

Che Guevara (left wing revolutionist born in Cuba)

Killed during guerrilla warfare in Bulgaria in 1967, but stills remains a role model among the ‘intelligentsia’ and has numerous followers. If Hussein follows Guevara’s footsteps, he is likely to become a martyr.

Idi Amin (former Ugandan president)

This notorious tyrant was finally ousted from his country. The only way for Hussein to avoid war is by following Amin’s example.

Adolf Hitler (Nazi Germany leader)

Committed suicide in his underground bunker along with his paramour as his defeat in World War II came to a close. It’s been speculated that he made “too cowardly a decision”.

Benito Mussolini (former Italian prime minister)

Maintained his fascist rule during the Second World War but as his defeat was apparent, he attempted to escape overseas. He was however caught and killed by anti-fascist partisans.

Hideki Tojo (Japanese Prime Minister in World War II)

Classified ‘A Level’ war criminal after Japan’s defeat, and was found guilty by a tribunal and hanged in 1948. However, if the U.S. tries to execute Hussein in a tribunal, there will surely be a considerable backlash in Islamic nations.

Ki-Hyun Kim kimkihy@donga.com