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U.S. Restaurants, “We Do Not Sell French Fries.”

Posted March. 12, 2003 22:25,   


The word `French (France)` is about to disappear from the cafeteria in the US Capitol. That is because of the emotional contest between the U.S. and France over the Iraqi War.

A Republican Congressman, Bob Nay, who is the Chair of the US Congress Administration Committee, even held a press conference at the cafeteria in the Longworth Building of the Capitol and announced that they decided to change everything on the menu with the word `French` to `Freedom.` Therefore, `French fries` will be changed to `Freedom fries,` and `French toast` will be `Freedom toast.`

Chairman Nay explained, “This is a small but symbolic effort to show the strong discontent of many people in the congress against the actions that so called our ally France has taken.”

Republican Congressman Walter Jones, who proposed this, added that this was not a political posturing to grab people`s attention, and they were now very serious. He also said that they know this will not change the international opinion but are trying to show our antipathy to French people.”

The Administration Committee, which has the administration right for the cafeterias, decided to execute the plan due to the decision of the Chair.

As some U.S restaurants are joining the move after hearing the news, it seems to be snowballing. Now, in the County of Palm Beach, Florida, a resolution to use `butterfly ballot` instead of `French fries` on the menu is being submitted to the County Assembly.

Since the French President Jacque Sirak said to use the veto at the UN Security Council objecting the Iraqi War enforcement policy by the US President George W. Bush, antipathy against France is growing among American people as well as the US Government and the Congress.

Prior to this, the US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld criticized Germany and France, which object to the Iraqi War, on January, “They do not represent Europe any more. They are the `old continent.`”

In response, the French daily Le Monde insisted, “The much insulted France must show our power to the U.S,” so there broke out a `war of words` between media of both countries.

The French media started to bitterly criticize the one-sided diplomacy by America since the US media rebuke France as ungrateful country who forgot the favor of the US during the World War II. In the meantime, an officer of the French Embassy in Washington said, “French fries originally came from Belgium,” and “Since we are dealing with very serious matters, we do not care for naming potatoes.”