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Just Married: A Romantic Comedy about an Immature Couple`s Honeymoon

Just Married: A Romantic Comedy about an Immature Couple`s Honeymoon

Posted March. 03, 2003 22:40,   


Just Married is a romantic comedy of an immature couple in their honeymoon.

The youngest daughter of a rich family Sarah (Brittany Murphy) fell in love with a radio DJ Tom (Ashton Kutcher) at first sight and married against the wishes of her family. However, obstacles started to challenge from the first. On their way to Italy for the honeymoon, they planned to have sex in the airplane toilet but failed and other obstacles follow it. In this process, their fantasies for each other and for the honeymoon also started to break down.

Sarah, who is comfortable in hotels, and Tom, who is comfortable in youth hostels started to feel the cultural gap between them. To make matters worse, Sarah`s rich ex-boyfriend Peter came to Italy and tried to split the couple up. Finally Sarah and Tom decided to divorce right after the honeymoon, but they reconciled in the end, just like in other romantic comedy movies.

This movie is a romantic comedy, but what makes the audience laugh is not the romantic situation or witty dialogs but slap stick comedy. For example, there is a scene the bridegroom picks up the pride and goes to bed, but the bride hits her head on a corner of the door.

There are no Hollywood big names starring in this movie. Despite this glaring disadvantage of low-profile casting, however, it ranked the No. 1 spot in box office record in January, reaping some $18 million in ticket sales over the first weekend.

Critics were not particularly generous about this movie, either. Analysts said that moviegoers, tired of heavy yearend releases aimed at Oscar trophies, were attracted to this hilarious romantic comedy.

Brittany Murphy, who played Eminem`s girlfriend in `8 Mile,` plays a leading role as a delightful naïve young bride. Ashton Kutcher, who plays her husband in the movie, is also her real-life boyfriend. Directed by Shawn Levy known for such movies as `a Big Fat Liar.` Released on March 7. Aged 15 or over.

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