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Former CIA Agents Said, “War Is A Slough”

Posted February. 10, 2003 22:35,   


The former officials of the US CIA recently warned the George W. Bush Administration, “Don`t fight a war with Iraq.”

They insisted through a statement sent to major US media that the Iraqi War would not only increase the trouble between the Western World and the Arabic Circle and the threat of terror, but also create numerous casualties in extreme resistance of Iraq.

They quoted the CIA report and worried that as the result of a survey for about 10,000 people from 9 Arabic countries, people said using forces against Iraq would ignite the anti-Americanism in the Arabic Circle, and it would add fuel to the flame of recruiting new members of the Al Qaida. And they analyzed that if Iraq concluded that the war was unavoidable, there would be a big chance for them to use the WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) by themselves or to hand them to terrorists.

The CIA officials went on to warn them, “The intelligence that the Iraqi President Sadam Hussein recently approved for the commanders in the front line to use chemical weapons is a very dangerous sign,” and “the one third of the American soldiers fought at the Gulf War in 1991 suffered from the unexplainable nerve system problems after coming back home. They said that they also warn the optimism of the Department of Defense that the Iraqi officers would not listen to the President Hussein as soon as the US Army entered Iraq.

They also criticized the evidence for the violation by Iraq for the Resolution, which the US Secretary of Defense Collin Powell submitted to the UN Security Council on the 5th by saying, “It`s an A for collecting data, but it`s a C- for providing a guidance for the future.”

They pointed out that it would raise a fundamental question whether we could justify the military action just because someone violated the UN Resolution like the Secretary Powell`s opinion, and if so, whether we should declare war if other resolutions were not fulfilled.