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Speedy and Pressuring Style Similar to Hiddink`s

Posted January. 05, 2003 22:52,   


Umberto Coelho (53) got to take the helm of the Korean national soccer team after Guus Hiddink. How will he lead it?

Commentators point to the successful adjustment of the European soccer to that of Korea as the main reason for the success that former national coach Guus Hiddink achieved. In addition, Guus Hiddink confidently put into practice what Korean coaches knew but were not able to pursue.

Hiddink himself recommended Coelho. Thus, Coelho`s style would not differ from those of other European top-notch coaches.

Hiddink could be compared to the person who found out the future in the Korean soccer, and alchemized the ore into the gold. Then, excellent trainer, Coelho is expected to fine-tune the gold into the high-value jewelry.

Coelho, who once lead Portugal to the semifinal in the 2000 European Championship, is likely to employ tactics similar to those of Hiddink: performance-based selection, enforcement of physical strength through power program, and pressuring play. The two coaches differ from each other in one respect. Coelho was a star player himself, while Hiddink was not. Thus, the former puts more importance on star players in waging strategies.

In addition, Hiddink used the 3-4-3 formation and the total soccer that demands all players on the ground to participate in attack and defense together. On the contrary, Coelho favors the 4-5-1 system, focusing on the attack on all fronts, which is characterized as an attack-oriented soccer.

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