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Why Children Keep Saying `Why`?

Posted October. 22, 2002 23:13,   


˝Why? ˝ Written by Linsey Camp, Illustrated by Tony Ross, 23 Pages, 7,500 won, Published by Bettle Book (for children aged four to seven).

When they are about 36 months old, little children begin to say `why.` Some mothers feel proud as their babies speak out the word earlier, while others talking to themselves it is okay to be little bit slower.

Then there comes the headache. Their little children now keep pestering them with the endless `why.` When it comes to children’s curiosity, there seems no difference between the east and the west.

Sometimes, Lily just drives her daddy crazy. The little princess is not a problem child. It’s just that she asks too many questions with `why.` Whenever daddy says something, like ˝Let’s put on your clothes, Lily, ˝ ˝Once there lived a friendly crocodile…, ˝ ˝Lily, time to go to bed, ˝ and ˝Don’t sit over there, Lily, ˝ she asks “why?” Daddy is always trying to be patient to his dear. ˝Because I am afraid your pants get wet. ˝

Why is daddy tired? Why is daddy busy? ˝Just because. I am just tired, stweetie. ˝ Then one day, something happens in the park that makes the little Lily use `why` yet again….

The author is a children’s illustrated book writer in Britain. The illustrator of this book is also from Britain. The book is filled with lovely and humorous pictures.